Jewelry - Diamond Marriage Symbol

Diamond Marriage Symbol

Diamond Marriage Symbol

We hear many delightful stories of the responses of the person receiving it as a gift. Interestingly enough it is truly even more gratifying to be the giver. I will tell you two short stories that are beautiful. The earliest we have heard of The Diamond Marriage Symbol being presented was as a gift at the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding to be worn from the next day on. Just recently a couple was shopping for a special gift at one of our dealer stores. They had been married 51 years and had learned that he would die soon. He wanted to get her one last special thing. After looking at many items they saw the one carat channel set Diamond Marriage Symbol pendant and nothing else would do. Dangler Studios is very delighted to have had some small part in the enormous joy and happiness of so many.

The Three Stone Diamond Marriage Symbol is a meaningful celebration of your marriage. If you decide to purchase any of our Diamond Marriage Symbol jewelry give it and wear it with great pride and we wish you the great happiness we have enjoyed.

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